This article explains steps to setup an environment to develop firmware for SensorTag, which includes SimpleLink Wireless MCU CC2650.


Download BLE-STACK v2.x from here and install. The software stack is portable.

Code Composer Studio (CCS)

  • CCS is based on Eclipse. Details of how to install and configure the software can be found in the BLE Software section in Designing a Product with SimpleLink CC26xx or CC13xx Wireless MCUs.
  • Download Code Composer Studio from here.
  • Install it: select CC26xx Device Support and TI ARM Compiler in SimpleLink Wireless MCUs, optional GCC ARM Compiler. Next step, select to install XDS100 Emulator Support.
  • Install BLE stack and tirtos_simplelink_version along with it. This folder includes RTOS and also set Real Time Software Components (RTSC) for the BLE project. If CCS cannot automatically detect the correct RTSC, in CCS, open Window\Preferences\Code Composer Studio\RTSC\Products to search and install the correct product.
  • Run CCS and check for updates.
  • Install the latest TI ARM Compiler and TI-RTOS for SimpleLink (this could be RTOS for CC13xx and CC26xx, i.e. tirtos_cc13xx_cc26xx_version, which is not the correct version for SimpleLink) from the App Centre inside CCS: select View > CCS App Center to install.
  • Check to verify installations.

CCS cloud version

The CCS cloud version is here.


Description There are two TI RTOS, one is TI-RTOS for CC13xx and CC26xx, and the other one is TI-RTOS for SimpleLink Wireless MCU. The latter is the correct one for SensorTag CC2650.

Solution Open CCS, in Window -> Preferences -> Code Compose Studio -> RTSC -> Products to find and install the right one.


  1. SimpleLink SensorTag
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  3. Software Developer’s Guide
  4. Designing a Product with SimpleLink CC26xx or CC13xx Wireless MCUs